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Archival description
RSA/AD/MA/100/12/05 · Subseries · 1925-
Part of Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA)

Prior to 1925, AGM minutes can be found in the Society Minutes. From 1925-1994 they are in bound volumes, with some of the later minutes printed or typewritten and pasted into the volumes. After 1994 they were no longer pasted into the bound volumes and were left as loose douments. This sub series also includes minutes and papers from Special General meetings.

RSA/PR/AR/110/10 · Subseries · 1988-2004
Part of Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA)

Project files contain records relating to projects which received an award from the RSA Art for Architecture scheme. Each file includes a grant application form and notification letter; correspondence, notes and reports detailing project progress; images in various formats; press information, publications and other sundry items regarding the artist(s), architects or other built environment professionals and their work. In some project files, one or more of the aforementioned items are missing due to loss. Additional images have been archived separately. Project No. 1 is the first project to receive a grant under the scheme, each project thereafter has been given the successive number. Publication grants are numbered separately, and will be recognised by the suffix (Pub) after the project number. Project No. 1 (Pub) is the first publication to receive a grant under the scheme. Project completion dates indicate the completion of the design stage and the artist's involvement in conjunction with the RSA Art for Architecture scheme.\n\nOne image from each project has been attached if such an image exists.

Cantor Lectures
RSA/PR/GE/112/14 · Subseries · 1889-1925
Part of Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA)

Bound volumes containing reprints from the Journal of Cantor Lectures \n\nThe Cantor Lectures were named after Dr. Edward Theodore Cantor who was a surgeon in the Indian Medical Service. Upon his death in 1860 he bequeathed the sum of £5,042 to the Society in order to promote our objectives (encouraging arts, manufacture and commerce). He does not seem to have been a Member of the Society and in making this bequest he neglected to make any provision for his mother who was still alive and had depended on him greatly. The Society decided to give her an annual allowance of £25 for the rest of her life. She died in 1867. \n\nSome debate was taken as how best to use the money as Cantor himself had made no specific request. It was decided to begin a course of lectures on industrial technology which ran annually and began in 1864. The last series of Cantor Lectures took place in 1990.\n

Competition Entries

These files were weeded by the Arts section at which point all entries, other than those shortlisted, were destroyed. The Archivist weeded duplicate copies of compositions.\nAlmost every file is composed of an entry form, music score, cassette recording of the composition and accompanying correspondence. Each entry form has been given a number as a means of identification.